Product News - February 8, 2017

Eylex is proud to launch their BB-2590 Battery Analyser – Intellex+

Eylex is proud to launch a BB-2590 battery fleet management tool that will save you time and money.

The Australian designed Intellex+ Battery Analyser is a small form factor, ergonomic, single handed device that requires no training.

The Intellex+ BB-2590 battery tester reads your battery instantaneously, providing visual feedback on the battery’s health and current state of charge, via the rapid tri-colour LED indicator. The LED indications gives users confidence their batteries won’t let them down in the field, informs the user the battery requires charging, or the battery will not achieve optimum performance, even when charged, which allows for fast quarantine of poor performing batteries.

The Intellex+ BB-2590 battery analyser will take the burden out of your battery management logistics by capturing and logging data including serial number, battery age and condition and the number of cycles performed.

All readings are logged with a time and date stamp onto an internal memory card, accessible via USB, for easy analysis and manipulation in Microsoft Excel, allowing you to sort and categorise your batteries by age and/or health and monitor your battery fleet ageing to forecast replenishment buys.

Eylex has worked with the Australian Defence Force in the design of the Intellex+ to ensure it meets the users’ requirements. It has been accepted and codified, NSN: 66-163-0228.

Intellex+ product page

Please feel free to contact the Eylex Sales Team for more information or quote.

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